We provide the full range of services for pipeline design and installation

  1. Survey and route selection
  2. Costing and feasibility studies
  3. Conceptual, basic (feed) and detailed engineering and design
  4. Construction engineering
  5. Project management
  6. Procurement
  7. Safe and environmental design systems
  8. Inspection service
  9. Compliance with all applicable federal, state and local authority requirements
  10. Flow assurance and operability
  11. Pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance

Ofnir  is  proud  to  have  design  experience  by  way  of stinger  design  and  ship  fabrication.

Our  in-house  design  exercises  and  past  experience  has resulted   in  a  thorough  knowledge  of   the   capabilities  and  limitations  of  stingers   on  pipe   lay  barges  around  the  world.

This  knowledge  allows  us  to  design  innovative   and  cost saving  temporary  modifications   for  specific   projects.

This  out  of  the  box  thinking  is  another  example  of what  sets  our  design  team  apart  in  this  industry.

Marine Vessel Services

  1. Computerized Fairing of Hull Lines
  2. Creation of Ship’ s Model with Tanks and Appendages in the computer for visual display.
  3. Computation of Hydrostatic Properties of Vessel with provisions for Appendage Correction and Asymmetrical Sections.
  4. Computation of Cross-Curves of Stability with provisions for appendage corrections and Asymmetrical Sections.
  5. Computation of Tank Capacities with Vertical Center, Longitudinal Center, Transverse Center and Free Surface Moments.
  6. Trim and Intact Stability Computations.
  7. Damage Stability Computations.
  8. Floodable Length Computations.

Marine Terminal Services

Ofnir is an experienced provider of SPM and FPSO technology. Recent projects have allowed us to expand our knowledge of subsea terminal systems and procedure. With this we are able to adequately provide the following services

  1. Terminal simulation studies
  2. Survey and selection of terminal location
  3. Detailed feasibility report and cost estimate
  4. Investment return study
  5. Basic engineering and develop specification
  6. Procurement
  7. Construction management & supervision
  8. Project management
  9. Commissioning assistance
  10. Operations and maintenance.