New Directions: Build, Operate and Transfer Projects

Time well spent in the industry garners the attention of key players. Our knowledge of creating Special Purpose Project Vehicles towards conducting Build, Operate and Transfer projects puts us in a valuable position.Ofnir bids for and facilitates projects alongside the Ministry’s of various nations across the Asia Pacific region. Our experience allows us to smoothly navigate the bureaucratic process whilst bringing in our expert engineering knowledge.

International projects for international clients

Ofnir enjoys catering to clients worldwide. Our ISO9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System provides simple and efficient management of complex and sensitive projects involving multiple vendors, contractors and nations. Our specialists bring experience from a variety of sectors in the energy industry. Whilst our specialization may lie in oil and gas, Ofnir’s combined experience allows us to bid for projects throughout the scope of the mechanical engineering sector.

An experienced player in pipeline systems engineering and design

Ofnir Engineering provides solutions for the energy industry in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. We provide both onshore and offshore development services; our typical scope of work ranges from the wellhead to the production facility, whether it be shore based, fixed or floating.

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