Staff based in Kuala Lumpur and Colombo form the core of our engineering design services. Data sent here is returned in the form of precise reports and analysis. Dedicated networking links us to our onsite engineers working on projects around the world.


Our dedicated procurement division allows us to ensure that the best value and quality is used in our designs. We have the links to acquire state of the art specialist products for onshore and offshore pipeline systems from leading providers around the world.


An intimate knowledge of construction methods in modern pipeline systems means that we can confidently liaise with construction and fabrication teams regarding all aspects of their schedule and activities.
Our experience allows us to quickly solve sudden problems and issues in this department.


The nature of our design experience means that we are naturally suited to managing projects of an international scale. Our team of renowned senior specialists bring with them a wealth of experience in offshore project management,

List of Project Services

  1. Project planning and controls (cost and schedule)
  2. Project co-ordination
  3. Construction management
  4. Quality assurance under ISO 9001:2008 accreditation
  5. Design, procurement and estimating
  6. Information management and document control
  7. Project HSE management
  8. Commissioning assistance
  9. Operations and maintenance assistance